Specifically referring to Market America, I gave this speech to a group of 150.

I meant every word I said, and it was a great feeling to achieve what I discussed.

  • Most of us work at a job right now, usually 40 or more hours a week. We get up early to go in, we work through lunch, we work at night, and sometimes we even work on weekends.  We have to ask to take vacation time, and sometimes we’re not allowed to.  We’re paid a set amount or have a limit on how much we can make because we’re simply trading our time for money; what are we really worth?  We’re taking direction from someone who may not have our best interest in mind.  We do this every single day, running on this hamster wheel, and it becomes habit so we get used to it and just deal with it.  Have you ever thought about how long you will have to do this for if you make no change?  67/70 years old?  At that point, your youth is gone.  Did you get to do the things you wanted to do?  Spending time with the family, traveling?  You haven’t had that feeling of a summer break since college, so you probably forgot about it.  It’s easy to just go with the flow and let the time slip away, but we don’t have to.
  • We’re in the Unfranchise business. In this business, we have the ability to remove ourselves from that average life that everyone is thrown into by default.  There’s no limit on the money we can make, we can work whatever hours we want, we can take vacation and do whatever we want when we want.  And, we can enjoy life before it’s over.  To get to that point though, the plan requires following the system for 8-15 hours a week.  If you are not making the money you want yet, try tracking the time you spend following the system on a weekly basis.  Do you think you deserve that money you want based on the time you put in?  Everyone is busy and no one feels like doing anything after getting out of work because we’re tired and drained, but we have to in order to make this happen.  And anytime we decide that we just don’t feel like it, we’re cheating ourselves.  We’re business owners.  Every time you feel tired, remember what you’re doing this for – this is for your freedom.  Nothing will compare to the time when you hit your goal and you’re no longer in that 45 year plan.
  • Success vs. Failure. We talk about it all the time – this is a proven system that works in 2-3 years if we follow it.  The people who quit tend to blame their failure on this business.  It wasn’t the business; it was their lack of action and/or refusal to follow the system.  This one ties into leadership.  Everything we do is going to impact our businesses and duplicate, so we have to think about that when we make decisions.  A good example is when you’re about to complain about something.  Keep it to yourself and talk about it constructively with your senior partner later.  Don’t voice it and hurt the attitude of the entire group.  Regarding senior partners – when they give you advice – consider the fact that they’re financially connected to us.  They want us to succeed.  They’ve been doing this longer than we have, and there’s a reason behind what they’re telling us.  Let them help you, and if you don’t understand why they’re saying something, ask them.  Lastly, start thinking proactively – what would my senior partner ask me to do? Or how would my senior partner handle this situation?
  • There are so many divisions, products, services, and tools we can use in this company that we’re paralyzed with information. We want to know everything before we start and we want to plan out our approach to every person we’re going to talk so we can figure out how to get them in.  We have to forget about trying to know everything and trying to make everything perfect.  The company is too large and comes out with too many new things to keep up with all of it. We just need to take action and embrace the chaos.    If you think about it, this business at its core is very simple.  We promote our products, we tell people about the business, and we bring people (teammates and guests) to the events so they can join us in learning and achieving our goals together.
  • If we take action and fail, it’s ok. Learn from your mistake and don’t make the same one next time.  The leaders who are on stage are the ones who failed the most; that’s why they’re succeeding now.

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