I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of being aimless. Languidly drifting from day to day without any real sense of purpose. This is often the reality to hundreds of people I come across everyday. What they lack is an anchor to keep them steady and grounded.

What I often say is that this is actually a conscious decision on their part. Yes, that is harsh but reality is often cold and unforgiving. It is ultimately what you do in the face of that reality that will make or break you. Others are content to simply waste away, blaming life or whoever or whatever circumstance for their plight. But the people of real grit and integrity aren’t content to stay that way for long.

It is also a very conscious decision on the part of people to break away from the rut of languidness. If there was anything a lot of people have shared with me, it was always this: “I wish I started long ago.”

Coming to this realization is a breakthrough despite it not really feeling like one. When a person realizes that which they lacked the foresight for, it can be the start of a comeback of epic proportions. Once you know what you wished you did, the question then turns to: What can I do now?

You can either go back to being listless or finally take control of your life. It is, in the end, all up to you. Let me share a story with you to highlight this:

I met Rix over 14 years ago and back then it seemed like he was on top of the world. Good grades, a good job, a steady relationship, you name it, he’s got it. You can even throw in the fact that he takes care of his ailing father. Rix surrounded himself deep within the bubble of this reality without really noticing that he was just going with what was expected of him and not what he actually wanted. He was aimless but thought he wasn’t.

Flash forward to now: Rix is unemployed, has strings of unpleasant relationships, and is trying to move out of his parent’s sphere of control. Everything spiraled out of his hands simply because he let things move on without his active participation. He let other people decide for him and he ended up empowering overly dependent people. His mother utterly refuses to cut the cord despite the fact that Rix is well into his thirties.

Rix and I have had several long talks in which he laments how he wishes he had the power to break away. I told him a simple truth that shocked him: he did have the power for it, he just refused to take it.┬áHe was overly terrified that people would no longer view him as “the good son” or “the nice guy”. So in doing so, he allows himself to continue to drift, shaking his fist at the perceived injustices or unfairness of life.

What a lot of people can learn from this is that yes you can feel lost but it ultimately up to you to decide how lost you let yourself become. if you cannot handle something by yourself, reach out. There will always be people who are willing to help you. The important thing is to have an open mind. You will be hearing things that you’d wish you didn’t. No one ever wants to admit that the muck they’re in is their own doing. But it is. It almost always is.

So the task at hand now is: when you’ve realized that you are lost, what do you do now?

Is your breakthrough going to happen one day?
Or are you making today DAY ONE of your new life?

Think about it.

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